Why Would Anyone Write ‘Not So Dead?’

Why does anyone write a book? I think many people believe that writers are hoping for fame and fortune. That may be true, does not apply here. If Not So Dead sold a million copies, that would be great, but it’s not why I wrote it. In my case, I had something to say, I love Thrillers and I like to tell stories. As Aaron Sorkin said, “The most powerful delivery system ever invented for an idea, is a story.” I’d add that we are most receptive to stories and ideas when we are entertained by them. When it’s fun, our internal barriers come down, we relax and take it all in.

Why this story?

Why this particular story? Most readers enjoy thrillers for their fun, excitement, and uncertainty. There is also an aspect of trying to solve the story’s puzzle in an attempt to guess how it will all end. If we’re surprised at the end, that’s even better. I thought it would be interesting to combine a good thriller story and compelling characters with the wonders and worries of the latest in science and technology. The book may raise more questions than it answers about who we are and what’s important or ethical, but sometimes the questions are more significant than the answers. Aren’t they?

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