All the science and technology in Not So Dead  is currently available and being deployed. The one exception is the digitizing of personalities, which is ‘in development’ and may arrive in the near future. If you’re curious, as I was, about some of this amazing stuff, here are some links to further information and insights on the topics mentioned in the order in which they appear in the book.

Computer control with your mind

Schrodingers Cat and quantum superpositions

NSA’s Bullrun program bypasses https and encryption protocols

Nano sized computer processors

Colin Powell’s 40/70 Rule

The world’s first Webcam – the Trojan room coffee pot

Backscatter detection systems

How do they lay transoceanic internet cables?

How good are Facial Recognition Systems?

Persistent Surveillance watches a whole city

Bowman Avenue Dam Iranian Hacking Incident

DuoSkin Digital Tattoo Interface

Merging Human and Digital Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence That Solved Go

A.I. Machines Are Learning Quantum Physics And Solving Complex Problems