Not So Gone

NOT SO GONE - Charles Levin AuthorPublished by: Munn Avenue Press
Release Date: November 27, 2018
Pages: 374
ISBN13: 978-0-578-41768-4
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NOT SO GONE, a new fast-paced thriller from the bestselling author of NOT SO DEAD . . .

In NOT SO GONE, Sam Sunborn is forced to come back from the Dead to save his son and protect his country from a sadistic terrorist. Can the genius scientist, Frank Einstein, free Sam from the Cloud and bring him back to help his wife and family?

With the help of Homeland Security agents, Michelle Hadar and Rich Little, Sam goes head-to-head against a driven psychopath, known only as The Cub, in a race against time.

Can Sam and his ragtag team use wit and will alone to prevent a worldwide catastrophe?

NOT SO GONE is the second standalone book in the Sam Sunborn series of cutting-edge techno-thrillers. If you like heart-pounding action, mind-bending inventions, and terrifying villains, then you'll love Charles Levin's gripping saga.

Editorial Reviews:

"Be careful what you wish for is the message at the heart of this techno-thriller... A gripping tale that will leave readers wondering what death-defying feat the hero will perform in the next series entry." - Kirkus Reviews - Read Full Review

"A stunning follow-up to Not So Dead, Not So Gone takes us on a heart-pounding journey of modern terrorism and the heroes who rise to stop it. You'd be surprised how much you can do after your own death." 

--  Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review


Not So Gone is the new Sam Sanborn thriller that opens with a prologue from the near future about Frank, who reposes in a virtual world of leisure before his nemesis appears to murder him. But if everything is virtual, is he really dead?
This question continues in the first chapter, with the first-person impressions of Sam, who awakens in the same world where Frank is "alive." Sam, too, is dead; but his persona has been uploaded to the Cloud. He is " to ponder the question of returning to the physical world, although I am not living in it now."  Although his very existence is theoretical, he's still able to exist (in a manner of speaking) and communicate with the non-virtual world he once inhabited.
This computer-held persona of memories and experiences is about to face its biggest challenge when a real-world psychopath threatens his son and adds a timeline to the efforts of scientist Frank Einstein, who is working on a way to release Sam back into the real physical world.
Who is real? Who is a digital facsimile? Immigration issues, SWAT team actions, global food crises, urban chaos and destabilization, and murder permeate a fast-paced story that is filled with satisfyingly complex twists and turns.
Add the specter of a worldwide disaster, an evil genius called The Cub, and a blend of threats to those Sam loves and to humanity as a whole for a thoroughly engrossing techno-thriller that begins with a high-tech dilemma and maintains a quick pace through terrorist and domestic crime.
Sam's potentially catastrophic failure to prevent attacks and keep The Cub from carrying out his deadly mission is only one highlight in a story that closely considers the sources of terrorist efforts and mental illness, a computer geek's most important task, and the foundations of science and technology as they apply to human psychology and endeavors to survive whatever way is possible.
When death itself becomes an experience to be relived and overcome, what meaning is there to life's battles and goals? Frank and Sam are evolving, and their journey provides riveting food for thought in a techno-thriller supercharged with action, confrontation, and struggle.
- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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