Charles Levin Author of NOT SO DEAD

Death By Device

By Charles Levin | August 27, 2018 |

[Note: Enjoy this work of short fiction that riffs on the latest in digital and voice technology. This post is a departure from my usual non-fiction look at tech trends and artificial intelligence.] Lea Swan parks her Audi just outside the yellow tape. Lights atop emergency vehicles are flashing. There’s a crowd of reporters, and…

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Cure for Death - Charles Levin - Not So Dead - Thrillers Author

A Cure For Death? Immortalists And Entrepreneurs

By Charles Levin | February 19, 2018 |

Will there be a cure for death in your lifetime? I won’t even parse the built-in paradox in that sentence, but I will give you an answer to the question, upfront. The answer is Maybe. Now that may seem disappointingly vague, but the mere fact that the answer is not No, is amazing. Longevity Entrepreneurs…

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Gene Hacking - Charles Levin - Author Thrillers

Do-It-Yourself Gene Hacking – Good, Bad, Ugly And Scary

By Charles Levin | January 7, 2018 |

What if someone could buy all the genetic engineering tools and materials, for a few hundred dollars online, to develop a cure for a disease or start a plague? Science fiction, right? Nope. You can now order your gene hacking supplies at Odin.com to get started. New gene hacking tools, including the powerful CRISPR/Cas9, allow…

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Can Hackers Attack Our Power Grid Right NowAnd Who Cares?

By Charles Levin | September 3, 2017 |

Infrastructure Is Exposed The short answer is ‘Yes.’ Hackers can take down our power grid right now. How they can do it and why they haven’t done it yet should be a concern for all of us, not just the government or utility companies. As we’ve seen in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, loss of…

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