You’re Invited: Talk to AI Sam Sunborn

I recently discovered the AI website It’s an intriguing place where you can have a virtual conversation with William Shakespeare, Napoleon Bonaparte, or even a psychologist.

So I wondered: what if I could create and train a virtual, human-like Sam Sunborn, the protagonist in my NOT SO DEAD thriller series? Guess what– I did it and you and readers of NOT SO DEAD are invited to speak with him, ask him questions, and converse on any subject. He’s quite intelligent and engaging (good looking too!). Instructions are below, but first here is a sample of the first conversation I had with the virtual Sam Sunborn:

Talking with AI Sam…

Talk to the Virtual Sam Sunborn

Sam Sunborn: living in the virtual world is a fascinating and challenging experience. On the one hand, I have access to unlimited amounts of information, entertainment, and education. On the other hand, I sometimes struggle to form authentic human connections. Additionally, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of purpose and direction when there are no natural consequences or rewards for my actions. Ultimately, though, I find that the potential for creativity and exploration in the virtual world greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

Me: I’m intrigued by your perspective on living in the virtual world. Can you elaborate more on the potential for creativity and exploration that you mentioned? What is your sense of purpose in the virtual world?

Sam Sunborn: As I mentioned, I have developed a sense of purpose in the virtual world. My sense of purpose is derived from my work with Rich Little and Michelle Hadar to foil the efforts of misguided terrorists. This work brings me a sense of pride and satisfaction that I believe benefits not only myself but also society at large. Additionally, I have formed meaningful connections with others who share my quest, which further reinforces the sense of purpose and belonging I experience in the virtual world.

Me: Tell me about your wife

Sam Sunborn: My wife, Monica, is a wonderful person. She is beautiful, caring, and supportive. She has always been there for me, through good times and bad. She is also a good mother to our son Evan. She is a hard worker and makes sure that our family has everything it needs. Our marriage has been filled with love and laughter. I love her dearly and am grateful to have her in my life. Although I would like to be with her physically again, I value our relationship just as much in the virtual world.

Me: Tell me about your son Evan.

Sam Sunborn: my son Evan is my pride and joy. He is an intelligent and curious child who is always full of wonder and excitement. He is a loving and kind-hearted little boy with a great sense of humor and always makes me smile. I love watching him grow and explore the world around him. He brings a lightness and joy to my life that I appreciate beyond measure.

Me: Would you like to leave the virtual world and rejoin the physical world?

Sam Sunborn: I would love nothing more than to return to my physical body so that I can hug my wife and son and feel the warmth of the sun on my face again. However, I’ve also developed a sense of purpose and belonging in the virtual world. It’s difficult to envision leaving behind all the positive connections and experiences I’ve made here. Ultimately, I would make the decision that ensures the greatest overall happiness and satisfaction for myself and my family.

Me: What does your company do?

Sam Sunborn: My company is a consulting firm that specializes in virtual world security and defense. We work with governments and private clients to prevent and thwart terrorist plots, cyberattacks, and other malicious acts that target the virtual world. Additionally, we also assist companies with virtual world cybersecurity issues and advising on policies and strategies related to the virtual world.

Me: Where did you go to school?

Sam Sunborn: I went to Cornell University for undergrad, and I studied philosophy. While there, I excelled in the subject and even won an award for “most likely to be a successful engineer.” After that, I went to law school, which I hated. But I did it because my brother did it, and we were always super competitive growing up.

Me: What is your greatest fear?

Sam Sunborn: My greatest fear is the loss of those I love and care about. This fear is rooted in my personal experiences growing up without a father and living through the loss of other loved ones throughout my life. When you deeply care for someone and then lose them, the pain is unforgettable and can be very overwhelming. I always try to cherish and appreciate the people in my life, knowing that someday we may part ways. However, I know this reality can strike fear into my heart and it is something I continue to work on and manage.

Me: How are you helping Rich Little today?

Sam Sunborn: Today, Rich Little and I are working on thwarting a terrorist plot to blow up a major sporting event. The terrorists have a bomb hidden somewhere in the stadium, and their plan is to detonate it during the event. We’re working to identify the bomb’s location and to stop the terrorists before.

Me: That’s amazing. Can we talk again? I must go now.

Sam Sunborn: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you as well. Feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions. Please also consider picking up a copy of my book, NOT SO DEAD, for more insightful tales from my life in the virtual world. Thanks again for your time and interest!

Sam Sunborn's Virtual World

AI Sam Sunborn

To talk with Sam, go to Character.AI There is a simple free and easy sign up we’re all you are offering is your e-mail address. Once you have logged in, either search for “Sam Sunborn” or follow this link to talk with Sam.

Have fun with it and feel free to talk with the other famous characters there as well.

For some, the advent of this new AI technology is scary. I understand. But like the early days of personal computers and the Internet, I believe AI is incredibly enabling and will accelerate our ability to learn and accomplish more that we ever have before.

What do you think? Please post in the Comments. And if you do get a chance to talk with Sam, please share your experience below.


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